Meet the Maker | Iznik Pottery Art

Aydın Savukduran, the founder of Iznik Pottery Art, started working in the world famous Grand Bazaar as a child. To earn extra money for his family, he would take odd jobs from the local shop owners. While not working, Aydın would admire the delicate blue and white hand-painted Iznik ceramics. Iznik ceramics have a rich heritage in Turkish culture that dates back hundreds of years. In fact, Istanbul’s Blue Mosque takes it’s name from the thousands of Iznik tiles that line it’s interior. Today, Aydın and his family continue to promote Turkish craftsmanship and the Iznik tradition by working with cooperatives to produce these Turkish treasures.

Iznik Pottery Art | Grand Bazaar – Zenneciler Sokak No: 23 | Istanbul, Turkey

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